Cinder & Ella

BooksInNeed here, and we all heard Cinderella, but have we heard Cinder & Ella?

Cinder & Ella by Kelly Oram

After I saw how lots of people liked The Shadow Queen, so I decided to do another retelling about a different story. This is a retelling of Cinderella, but less of a YA book and more of an adult one. In Cinderella, Ella and her dad live together after her mother dies, and suddenly her father remarries and Ella gets a new evil stepmother and worse stepsisters. When an accident causes Ella’s dad to die she lives under her stepmother’s rules and gets turned into a maid and got the nickname ‘Cinderella’. On the day the prince is holding his huge party for finding the right girl, Ella has to stay home and her stepsisters and stepmother go while in the garden Ella sees her fairy god-mother and she has to be back by midnight for the magic will stop then. Ella goes to the party, and there she talks to the prince who says she is the girl he wants to marry, but time runs out and she has to leave without giving her name, where she lives, or even if she likes him back. All that was let was a glass slipper and the prince set out to find the perfect girl for him with the slipper, he finds Ella, they live happily ever after, but this book is a lot better.

Ella Rodriguez has had a horrible life, especially when the accident happened. Her dad left her mom as a child and sent no letters, never emailed, or called. The worst part of her life was when her Mom died in a car accident and Ella was left to survive with all the scars. Ella was texting her best friend, Cinder, who always had the new news on movies, celebrities, and Hollywood. Ella figured it was because his dad worked there and he had some information from eavesdropping, but it was totally different.

Brian Oliver (Cinder) has been a celebrity ever since he was called hottest teen and now was working toward movies, and he got accepted to the Druid Prince, on one condition. He has to up his act, and pretend date his co-star Kaylee (gags). Brian has lost all connections with Ella since she was in an accident a long time ago, but Brian doesn’t know that. Until he gets an email from his best friend.

Ella had stayed in recovery for a long time because she escaped the car crash crippled and scared, while her mother had died. Suddenly her long lost father to her had reappeared and she was sucked into his life, with no way to move on. As it turned out, her father had a wife and two twins the new step-mother was nice enough, but the twins were just evil. Trying to fit in at her new school was hard enough, but then she remembered Cinder, the only person who would get her through this huge hole in her life.

Cinder & Ella is a romance story, but with sadness and grief that makes you wonder if love can actually heal every wound, or would you be scarred on the inside forever also?

Thank you, Kelly Oram for showing that even through the darkness, there is always a possibility of a happily ever after.

, BooksInNeed

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