September 14, 2017 – Who is Patient Six, I Am Jeff & Steve’s Return

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General Hospital

Amy says Kiki wins the basket of the day. The envelope says Dr. Kiki Jerome. Inside, she reads, Looking forward to our reunion. Body shots a must. I hope it’s from Dillon. Dr. Bensch asks, where’s the party?

Maxie says retro Hollywood glam is cliché, and wonders why Nathan couldn’t talk Nina out of it. She asks why he didn’t talk her out of getting back together with Valentin, but he says she’s in love and on cloud 9. Maxie tells him that she needs a special scoop to get her job back, and he says nobody is better at that than her.

At the hospital, Spinelli is looking for Jason’s room.

Anna looks at Finn’s file. Griff drops by. He needs her help.

Larissa shows Ava around. She asks when she’ll see Dr. Baronski. She says the longer she waits, the more time he has to swindle her.

Nina is all excited about having gone riding on Lumiere. She says nothing could have made it better. Valentin begs to differ, and kisses her. He says the world will be back on its axis when she’s moved in. She tells him that she has one more trip. He shows her a framed picture of the Cassadine family tree. He wants Charlotte to know about the family.

Anna asks Griff what’s going on. He says he’ll feel better when he gets answers. He tells her about the groundbreaking work the clinic in Russia does, and wonders if the WSB has any information. She doesn’t think they would be interested in a clinic, but he says what if Valentin is involved? He sent Ava there, and he’s not too sure it’s in her best interests.

Ava says she’s leaving if the doctor isn’t there in five minutes. Entitled much? Larissa tells her to take some time to get acclimated. She wouldn’t want to waste the time of someone who can restore her to her former glory.

Dr. Bensch looks at the gift basket card, and says he sees Kiki is already using the title.

Spinelli tries to get into Jason’s room. Amy tells him that he can’t go in there. He says he knows he’s not family, but his presence might speed up healing process. She says maybe, but Jason isn’t in his room; the doctors took him for tests. Spinelli apologizes, saying he’s wasted time already. He would have been there sooner, but his girlfriend’s mother got taken ill. He asks if Jason’s condition is that grave, and how bad is it? Amy says bad enough.

Nathan suggests a story about how wrong men’s rompers are to Maxie, but she needs something huge. He’s trying for peaceful co-existence with Nina. Maxie knows he loves his sister, but she needs his help. He tells her that she can get her job back on own merits. She says it would involve outing him and Amy.

Kiki tells Dr. Bensch that no one thinks of her as a doctor; least of all, her. Her boyfriend was making a joke. He tells her it’s not a frat house. It’s not an ordinary office either, and her boyfriend should think twice about sending her tequila on the job.

Amy brings Spinelli some water. She says he’s pale, and thinks it’s because he’s worried. He says Jason has survived many dire circumstances and come out stronger, and he will again. He wishes he knew how to help, and she tells him just being there helps. Jason’s family will be glad he came all this way.

Maxie tells Nathan that it’s the perfect story. Amy hiding behind a man’s man, duping everyone, and then they find out she did it for a noble reason. Nathan says she’d be outing Amy and her brother, but Maxie says outing them as good people. Nathan explains about the book deal, and Maxie thinks it will drive sales. Nathan doesn’t, thinking about what will happen when they find out that Man Landers isn’t the man they thought, or even a man. She has to find another way to get back in Nina’s good graces.

Nina asks what Valentin is going to tell Charlotte about Spencer’s lawsuit. He’s hoping he won’t have to say anything if it doesn’t go to trial. Nina asks how that’s going to happen, and he tells her that he’s already neutralized the key witness – Ava.

Ava backs off, and Larissa says she understands. She’ll do whatever it takes to minimize Ava’s anxiety. She’s going to get Ava’s room ready, but she has to give Larissa her phone. Ava says it’s not like she’s going to be posting before and after pictures, but Larissa says it’s about privacy, both hers and the clinic’s. They strive for minimal government interference. Ava says she’s all for that, but she draws the line at no contact. Larissa understands her concern, and tells her that she’s not a prisoner and can leave at any time, but if she can’t abide by the policy, she can’t stay. Ava hands over the phone. Larissa tells her that she’ll find distance liberating.

Griff thinks Ava has made a devil’s bargain. Valentin promised to restore her face in exchange for her rescinding her testimony. Anna asks what business this is of his, and Griff wonders what if he wanted to lure her away for a permanent solution? A trip like that could exhaust her immune system, and leave her open to infection. Anna asks if he thinks Ava isn’t capable of fending for herself. He says he does, and Anna asks again why it’s his business. He says he drove her to it.

Maxie tells Nathan that she hates it when he’s logical, but he says it’s part of his charm. She insists that it might be uncomfortable for the people involved, but everyone will come out on top. She’ll get her job back, Amy will be a bestselling author, and Nathan will be a hero. Nathan says assuming it turns out that way, and explains about the book launch party, and how he has to be there.

Spinelli tells Amy that he’s imposed on her kindness long enough. She has sick people who need help, and he’s just a weary traveler. He asks how long she thinks Jason will be. She doesn’t know, but he says he’ll wait. She tells him there’s not much in the way of entertainment, and he says he brought reading material. He pulls a galley proof of the Man Landers book out of his backpack.

Dr. Bensch lectures Kiki on the need to be professionally focused on care, and not waiting to party. He’s not saying it’s fair, but the soon she starts having that mindset, the better off she’ll be. He says the next time her boyfriend wants to send a gift, make sure he doesn’t send it there. She says it won’t be a problem. He says that he can see she’s smart, and only needs to be told something once

Nina tells Valentin that Ava is always talking about how noble Nikolas was, giving his life to save her. She asks if he was ruthless with Nikolas, and he says no more ruthless than Nikolas was with him. Nina wonders why Ava would retract her statement, and he says he offered her something Spencer couldn’t; the chance to regain what she loves – her beauty.

Anna doesn’t understand why Ava is Griff’s responsibility, since she’s not his patient. He says that he told Kiki he’d help Ava. Anna adds, who’s brother arranged for Duke’s murder. Griff says he already hurt her. All of his attention led her to believe there was something more between them. She kissed him, and he wasn’t expecting it. He apologized for giving her the wrong idea, and said he hoped it didn’t affect their friendship, but it did. Now she’s put herself in Valentin’s hands, and he doesn’t want her to regret it. He asks Anna if she’ll help him, and she says that depends on how involved he is with Ava.

Larissa takes Ava to the lounge. She knows how disconcerting it is to give up her phone, but it might surprise her how nice it is to be unplugged. Sounds good to me. Although not in Russia. When Larissa leaves, Ava tells herself to keep her eyes on the prize. She’s here to get a new face, not to argue with the staff. If the doctor is as good as Valentin said, she’s in good hands. She goes to the window, and when she turns around, she sees a man in a wheelchair. His face is entirely covered. I say omg, wondering if it’s Nikolas, Steve Burton, or will Steve Burton be Nikolas? He’s supposed to be back this coming Tuesday.

Ava says sorry, she didn’t see him. She asks if he can speak English, but he doesn’t reply. She asks if he can hear her at all, and snaps her fingers, but he’s still unresponsive. She hopes whatever happened to him didn’t happen here.

Griff tells Anna that he’s just trying to help. Anna says maybe Ava misunderstood his kindness, but maybe there’s more going on subconsciously. Vows or no vows, he’s still a man, and he could be sending mixed signals. She thought there was room in his heart for the love his vocation forbids. She says he’s keeping himself in limbo, and how does he think Ava will react? If he shows up, it’s going to look like he wants her.

Maxie tells Nathan that if everyone is going to find out anyway, she can sell the story to Nina. Nathan breaks it to her that Nina already knows. Nathan says he doesn’t think that Maxie would deliberately hurt anyone to get ahead; she’s a good person. Maxie says when it’s all over, Amy will be swimming in royalties, he’ll be super-famous, and she’ll be unemployed.

Amy watches as Spinelli starts to read. She asks if that’s a galley proof of the Man Landers book, and he tells her that he has friends in publishing who hooked him up. They talk about the blog, and Spinelli says he’s a Man Landers disciple. He even wrote to him, and he was the one who suggested his facial hair. Amy thinks it looks great. He tells her that not everyone shares her opinion, and he was going to shave. She says he should do what makes him happy. He decides that Man Landers wouldn’t steer him wrong. That’s what makes it hard to see him crash and burn. Amy asks what he’s talking about.

Amy asks why Spinelli thinks Man Landers is in trouble. He says the book is about to be released and he’s going to go through the reviews gauntlet. Spinelli is also an author, and has received his fair share of criticism. Amy says after giving all that advice, Man Landers probably has thick skin. She asks about Spinelli’s book, but Ellie calls, and he needs to leave. He thanks Amy, but runs off forgetting the book. Amy picks it up.

Nathan tells Maxie that he has it on good authority that she won’t remain jobless for long. She asks if he called a headhunter, but he says the good authority is his own. Nina will hire her back, that is if someone else doesn’t hire her first. He says he’s sorry about the exposé, but she’s not walking away empty-handed. She has Amy’s undying gratitude, and his endless admiration. Maxie says he’s her husband; he has to admire her.

Valentin asks Nina if she’s mad about him making a deal with Ava. Nina says she despises Ava, but she’s living a life of misery she brought on herself. Nina is happier than she’s ever been, and she’s not going to waste time thinking about Ava. He tells her that’s a wise choice. She says that coming back to him was too. He tells her that she’s his motivation, and moves in for a kiss, but knocks the frame off of the table. He gets cut on the glass, and his blood drips onto Nikolas’s name.

Griff tells Anna that never occurred to him that Ava might misconstrue his intentions, because he’s that dense, but he has to risk it. His priority is making sure she’s not making a mistake. They can work out the rest later. Anna tells him not to talk to Valentin; it will only alert him. Griff asks what he’s supposed to do, and Anna asks him to let her make some calls.

Quiet dude just sits and stares out the window. Ava asks what’s out there that he finds so riveting? She says that she’s not going to let them dope her into oblivion like they did him. Leave it to her to find the one place lonelier than Port Charles. Ava doesn’t see it, but dude makes a fist with his right hand. I don’t think that’s good. Larissa comes in to tell Ava her room is ready, and asks, what is she doing? She tells Ava not to go near him.

Kiki talks to Dillon on the phone, telling him she’s on duty. She got the gift basket, but it was inappropriate to send to the hospital. Dr. Bensch didn’t approve. She says, no, he’s not a jerk. He’s a well-respected doctor, who’s fast-tracking her through medical school. She says she can’t have gift baskets full of tequila being sent there. It was a great gift, but don’t do it again.

Nina bandages Valentin’s hand. Maxie calls Nina, and says she has something. It’s a juicy story about ownership of some negatives. Nina isn’t impressed, and says the terms are clear. Maxie has to give her a juicy story. Maxie says she’d thought she had something juicy, but it wasn’t as juicy as she thought it would be. If “juicy” was a drinking game word, we’d be halfway there by now.

At the hospital, Nathan asks Amy how Jason is doing, and she says no change. He asks about the galley launch party, and says it’s coming up quickly. He told Maxie about it, and she’s cool with it; she respects his decision. He’s in for good. Amy hugs him, and Spinelli sees them.

On the phone, Anna tells someone to call her back. She tells Griff that there isn’t much, but they’re sending the information that they have. He thanks her, and says that he owes her. I was just thinking, she should have Griff go with her to Morocco, if she goes to Russia with him. Anna tells him that she has deep misgivings. The idea that she’s pushing him toward Ava makes her sick. Griff says Ava’s health is at stake, and Anna says that’s why she’s biting her tongue. She understands his questions about feelings and faith. If he finds no place for himself in the priesthood, please don’t run to Ava. She might be in pain, but there’s another side to her. He needs to who she truly is.

Larissa tells Ava never to approach Patient Six. He’s a dangerous psychotic. His mask is a safety precaution in case he gets agitated. Ava asks what if he’d hurt her, and Larissa says he’s heavily sedated, but don’t get close enough for him to reach her. He’s been the victim of a violent crime.

Nina and Valentin kiss.

Larissa tells Ava that this is the result of a vicious attack. It’s tragic, but not surprising considering his injuries. Ava asks why he’s here. She says his family has hopes for his rehabilitation. She can’t give the details, but she can say that he’s from a wealth family. He was shot and fell into the water. Patient Six is beyond help. Omgomgomg.

So is it Nikolas, or are we just supposed to think that?

Tomorrow, Anna talks with Finn, Sam has one choice, and Nathan’s biggest fan shows up.