Count your blessings 

Count your blessings

You can never imagine the pain you would feel living without your parent/s

Picture this 

Living without your mother is like waking up everyday with no water. 

Your thirst overpowering your

Craving for Love but there’s no one to hug you. 

Every time that you pray your asking God to get you through another day. 

Every time you see a family its like a smack in the face. 

A reminder of everything you missed 

Asking God why are you being put through this

If this is a test of my faith

I don’t know how much longer before I break 

Mind in another place

Trying to numb the pain 

As the questions constantly continue in my brain 

Is there anything that could of been done to change the unbearable fact that remains?

Envisioning your love

The only thing keeping me sane

When I look at you I see me in every way

From your eyes to your nose even the way Your lips are shaped, the little gap between your teeth 

We even walk the same way 

The way your eyes shine are the exact way like mines 

Mille, Reem & me we been doing just fine 

I finally understand how you got the name Ebony 

You we’re a goddess

Every time you came in the room everything stopped because you we’re moving 

You had a spunk in you where no matter what no one could tell you what to do 

You seen the vision way before they could catch up with you 

How do I know?

I am your child I’m an split image of you

In your 31 years of living you seen the world at least twice

Living your life and still raising your kids right 

Had a stable life 3 kids and was a mother to my cousins too

Fell in love then of course 

Married the love of your life 

Government job back in the 90s 

We we’re blessed and that’s no denying

I know it wasn’t by choice that you left 

For the love of your unborn child

You fought to the death 

You couldn’t have known and in that moment I know you felt alone

Even at the age of one

Seeing you in that casket I couldn’t be close to you

My sister had to hold me and take me out of the front pew 

Every time she got close 

Something was telling me no 

I cried and cried even as an infant 

I couldn’t let go

6 days ago before you went away to stay 

You had threw my 1st bday party

Who would’ve knew that was my last birthday with you?

Even if I would’ve been older 

How could I ever really say goodbye to you? 

How can I blame God for doing what he had to do?

I couldn’t imagine being older and aware that I lost you after knowing you

Mom I’m trying not to stress

I know this pain in my chest is making it hard for you to rest 

Knowing your baby girl is trying to be the best 

To make you proud and do the things you couldn’t finish 

Live my life and make these painful memories that taught me life lessons 

The story of a legend. 

I’ll never forget her but 

Always remember to count your blessings. 

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