Divinely Guided Law of Attraction Versus Attraction for Attractions Sake

One very interesting and fun idea in the New Age arena is the idea that you can attract all that you desire into your life (you can), no matter how crazy the things you dream up ( you can also do this but there will be a certain karma and consequence to the things that you bring into your life, especially if its not soul-directed and more ego-directed). So on one hand when a certain percentage of the population ‘wakes up’ and understands more about poverty consciousness versus a prosperity mind-sets etc. They will start to imagine a greater future for themselves, and others, which is great. But at the same time the ‘If you can imagine it you can have it’ is not a morally true phrase, nor would it be in the highest and best good for that soul to get everything a personality or ego desires of it is not using the checks and balances of your higher God-self.

That’s why it is important check in with one’s guidance before one starts to attract some things such as wealth, objects into your life, to first make sure that this is the highest and best course of action for you. The world could not sustain it if everyone wanted to be a millionaire and have ten petrol guzzling cars, it would not be in everyone’s highest and best good nor the worlds. Your higher-self and Gods guidance has to be a part of the equation. You can’t all marry the same person, live in the same country, be rock stars, just because an ego desires something, or you can imagine it, it doesn’t mean you could or should get it. Every persons souls path is different and their set of self- appointed life lessons are different. Some people’s lessons may be how to manage power and money with conscience.  Other people’s lessons may be to deal with a simple less-moneyed life with grace and love.

It is important to you as a soul to check in with your higher-self’s guidance about anything you need to do or want to attract. Higher-self guided action and attraction feels good, the object they are chasing after feels right, and the end results provide win-win situations for all involved. Divinely guided law of attraction helps everyone in one synchronistic movement. Divinely guided ambitions and wealth allows for everyone on the planet to be included into the equation. Reducing the pressure on resources, everyone persons wealth will be slightly different, some people may get more time with their children, maybe reducing the hours at work, some people may get more helpful people around them, they may get a second hand TV from a friend just when they are in need of one. Wealth is not necessarily money, it can just be more time to spend doing the the things they love. We all don’t need to be millionaires, nor should we. For others prosperity is attracting just what we need at the right time, ie a bag of apples, just when they need some for baking an apple pie, or a quiet moment to sit basking in the sun patting your favourite pet.

How does one check in with your Divine guidance?

You access your Divine guidance via your feelings. Does this feel right for me? Or wrong for me? Does it feel good or right? If it doesn’t feel right then there is a higher and better course of action for you to take. If it does feel right, it is fine to go ahead and do what you are guided to do.

There is a Divine synchronicity when you ask for what you want, seek your highers guidance and check that it is what you really Divinely need in the first place, and then attracting it for the highest and best good in one synchronistic movement and sets off coincidences and lucky opportunities. Divine synchroncites give in such a way that everyone gets what they need, there is a balance and rightness to the equations. If you simply use the law-of-attraction, to simply get what the mind or ego thinks you want or need, in a half- cocked order to the Universe attracting things that are not in your highest and best good nor in anyone else’s, the results will not be so satisfying and may result in more work or karma to work through. It is far easier to check-in with your guidance first before you exercise your right to have things or resources. When you check in with your Divine guidance, and follow it, every gain you make is a gain for everyone.


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