Do you feel like a weak link?

There was once a TV game show called The Weakest Link. On the show, the first contestants to get a wrong answer were eliminated and labeled the weakest link, implying that a weak link is useless.

It is my contention that even a weak link is still vital to the chain, as long as it doesn’t break away from the others.

I was reminded of this by recent news from Florida of the rescue of a family in danger of drowning in a rip tide. When a child got into trouble, individual family members attempted rescue, one by one, only to get caught in the same strong current, but when the onlookers joined hands to form a human chain, the family was rescued.

What an impressive illustration of the impact even the weakest of us can have when we pull together toward a common goal.

No matter how strong the pull of the evil forces in today’s world, if Christians join hands in unity, who knows how many souls may be rescued from destruction?


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