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The Games (2012)

by Ted Kosmatka(Favorite Author)
3.37 of 5 Votes: 4
0345526619 (ISBN13: 9780345526618)
Del Rey
review 1: Fast-paced and entertaining novel about enginneered new life gone wrong. Silas is the head of a corporation that works with the Olympics in a new competition where countries get to show off their latest advances in science and technology, for skilled geneticist to lead their respective countries into a victory. America has one it every single year...thus far. Their newest 'creation' is an abnormality...I could go on explaining what the novel is about, but I won't. It's a plot novel and fun like a movie. I wish there had been more character development, but at the end, the novel did what it was supposed to do, entertain me. There's a lot of blood, killing, violence, action, science lingo, mutant on mutant battles. Just a fun read.
review 2: I really enjoyed read
... moreing this book because of the suspense and plot twists, but I felt that there was not enough action and a bit too much building up. I understand that the author was trying to create suspense and tension, but I was not captivated by this book until close to the end. Overall, I am glad I read this book because it eventually did become a page turner, and it challenged me to understand all the scientific facts that Kosmatka included. less
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I have another T.K. sitting waiting for me to read....and I'm saving it up as a treat. 'nuff said.
A book that I was able to enjoy. It made me stay up too late to finish it.
Somewhat entertaining, but nothing remarkable.
Ripper of a book - would make a great movie!
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