Fabrikate Release Sultry Track “Your Grooves”

We know, the last days of summer are hard; the sun slowly disappears and does your carefree spirit. If you’re in a funk of the non-musical type and need to get your groove back, it looks like everyone’s favorite masked beatmakers, Fabrikate, are here to deliver them.

“Your Grooves” is their latest sweet-and-sultry release, a downtempo, slippery smooth track that possesses a nostalgic aura of dark lounges and private leather booths and perfect for tête-à-têtes.

Download “Your Grooves”

It almost sounds like it should be played from a vinyl record player, but is modernized with Fabrikate‘s resonant synths and stellar percussion and complemented with plush saxophone notes underneath those groovy vocal snippets. “Your Grooves” follows Fabrikate‘s June single “By My Side,” which was featured on Don Diablo‘s HouseTime Spotify playlist. The masked duo slides into summer’s end with maximum steadiness after releasing “Your Grooves”, while gearing towards their EP release early Fall.

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