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Buried (2013)

by Kendra Elliot(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 3
161109898X (ISBN13: 9781611098983)
Montlake Romance
Bone Secrets
review 1: This was so good. I read the other stories in the (Bone Secrets Novel). Actually I read the last book first and then went back to the first book which isn't necessary since it isn't a series, but you do meet up with some of the same characters from the other books. This was definitely top of the list on twists and turns and shocking reveals, right behind "Alone". I love Michael Brody and am happy that he found his happy ever after.
review 2: Michael Brody's brother disappeared 20 years ago when a school bus full of children was hi-jacked.When the remains of the children are found,Michael's brother was not among them.The lone survivor,Chris Jacobs has become a recluse fearing the kidnappers will find him.Michael needs to know what happened to his brother and
... more hopes that Chris has some answers for him. This is one of Kendra Elliot's best so far and will have you on the edge of your seat turning the pages.With all the action and twists and turns leading up to a fantastic finish,this is a must read. less
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Book read well. Figured out who was the boss pretty early on but other then that liked it.
I found this to be a great series! I can't wait for more from Kendra Elliot!
Warning: HARD to read if you're a parent!!!
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