Fairest of All – Serena Valentino

I mean. It was fine.

That’s literally my reaction to this book. It was s nice, simple read. I read it in a day. Let’s just say I probably didn’t give it a fair shot after just reading Julie C Doa’s Forest of a Thousand Lanterns. That book was so well rounded and told the story of a person you could see making a transformation, this one just went with all the Evil Queen tropes. People told me I was ugly, I’m not, I’m obsessive over it, blah blah blah. I understand grief changes people, but I just feel like people use that as a crutch to make the Evil Queen be mean. It doesn’t correlate with the things she ends up obsessing over. This book tried to make that correlation but I didn’t buy it.

The one thing I did like was that in this book the Queen sent other people away too because of her plot to be the Fairest, Snow White wasn’t the first. That was a nice touch.

Overall I give it 3 stars because I feel generous. I mean I didn’t want to stop reading it, I just didn’t really believe the story.

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