Fashion Review: 2018 Golden Globes!

Ahhh, another year has gone by. Where have I been? Does anyone care? No? OK, good. I’m going to stop making promises about writing more and blah, blah, blah. I’m just going to post whenever I feel moved to, and well, Award Season moves me to the ends of the earth and back! I live for the red carpet!

The Golden Globes were last night, and they were the major kick-off to the season. However, I feel like I was kicked to the curb. Everyone banned together to wear black in solidarity for the sexual abuse/harassment victims that have come forward in the past year. While I do not condone abuse or harassment of any kind, and I am 100% behind these people receiving justice for the awful indecencies that they were subject to, I couldn’t stand this carpet! I never want to see a black dress on the Red Carpet again after this. I had to pinch myself to try and stay awake, that is how much of a snooze fest it was. Activism is extremely important, and call me superficial if you must, but so is fashion! I know there are better questions to ask them, but I also want to know what they are wearing! *Sigh*

All that being said, it was very hard to pick and choose hits and misses, as I had to squint and adjust my TV set to see any details on the dresses, but there were a few standouts who looked like black was their color of choice even before the movement.

Nicole Kidman

Thank the Lord for Nicole Kidman. If she was ever missing from a Red Carpet, my little fashion-loving heart would be left with a gaping hole. She is one of the few that looked like she had a black dress picked out from the start. Her beautiful flutter sleeve shimmered all the way down her back, transforming into glittery angel wings.  Of course her hair and make up were a hundred percent on point as always.

Millie Bobbie Brown

Alright, so does she look 13? No, but is she slaying? Hell Yes! This is the way to do a black dress! Modern, youthful, and totally not something that could also double as funeral dress, which cannot be said for most of the other dresses on the carpet. All I can say is if this is her at 13, I can’t wait to see what she does in the future.

Saoirse Ronan

Now we get to the people who at least tried to give me any sign of life. I love the little bit of drama that Saoirse brought with the shoulder and the hip on this dress. I thought she accented it perfectly with her jewelry and her hair and make up looked stunning. She is another one to watch for me.

Mandy Moore

Mandy Moore always wows me with how simple yet stunning she can be. This look is classic elegance and she ties it all together with a fresh face and clean and crisp hair. Plus points for the sneak of color!

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain came out on top for me last night with her effortless Hollywood glam. Walking down the carpet, this dressed accentuated her shape flawlessly and had just the right amount of sparkle to complete the enchantment.

And then there was the downright dull…

Alison Williams

While Alison Williams got a point for bringing a pop of color, that it is the only point she got. Up close this looked like a craft project, with the beading looking very out of place. This was one dress that I wished was actually all black.

Kerry Washington

Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Kerry Washington. And, I don’t hate this look, except maybe the shoes. But, in the wise words of Nene Leakes, I would wear this to the Whole Foods honey! Sorry Kerry, this did not give me life.

Gal Gadot

One of the sexiest women in Hollywood right now and she she shows up in something my high school choir definitely sang in during a Christmas pageant. That is all.

Emilia Clarke

Well Emilia Clarke got one step closer than Gal Gadot. Emilia attempt to add a little sexiness, but then the scissors slipped, the V got wrongly wide, and they got scared it was too much and left the rest of the dress looking like a habit. Yeah, I really didn’t like this one.

Caitroina Balfe

So I didn’t know who Caitronia was before yesterday, but now she will be forever imprinted on my mind for this dress atrocity.  From the silhouette which is giving me 80’s prom flashbacks, to the, is that  harness? And then the weird poofs that look like she sheared a Pomeranian for. I can’t understand what was happening or why it happened

And on that note, I will see you next time!

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