Freedom’s Price by Christine Johnson

Freedom’s Price, book 3 in Keys of Promise, is written by Christine Johnson. The story takes place in 1856. Catherine finds out that her family home has not been left to her with the passing of her father. Not wanting to accept the terms of the will she plans to travel with Mrs. Durning from England to her mother’s family in New Orleans. When the ship encounters problems she is forced to get off at Key West, Florida. She tries to find someone who will travel with her from Key West to New Orleans. Tom Worthington is sent to help with the ship. He teaches Catherine what is needed to get to New Orleans. Tom helps Catherine get to New Orleans.

When they get to Catherine’s family plantation, all is not what Catherine expected. Her family is not living there, instead it is run by a caretaker and slaves. It also has been left to deteriorate. They are warned about the plantation. But Catherine is determined to be at the plantation. While in New Orleans, Tom finds the ship that was stolen from his father years earlier near the plantation.

I enjoyed reading the story while Catherine was in Key West, I could see her walking the streets and going to check on getting a ride on a ship. Overall, I felt the story was a little lacking in character. Catherine’s character comes across as a person who always gets her way. It’s a little hard to understand that someone would change her inheritance and travel so far from what is familiar to them to visit family she knows nothing about. She relies on help from others to get what she want. I liked the other characters from Key West. They were all so helpful and friendly. The characters personalities change in New Orleans, they are more out to get what they want. I did appreciate the characters of Tom’s boss and his wife. They go out of their way to help others in need and Tom’s boss tries to make Tom see that the boat is not his to just take.

While this is part of a series, the books are not connected so they can be read as stand alone novels. I think this series will be enjoyed by those who enjoy early historical fiction and romance. The story does contain a lot of suspense as well.

I received a copy of this book from Revell Publishing. I have chosen to write this honest review.

Series: Keys of Promise (Book 3)

336 Pages

ISBN: 9780800723521

Publisher: Revell

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