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The Trouble Begins At 8: A Life Of Mark Twain In The Wild, Wild West (2008)

by Sid Fleischman(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 5
0061344311 (ISBN13: 9780061344312)
Greenwillow Books
review 1: “Mark Twain was born fully grown, with a cheap cigar clamped between his teeth”. This quote exemplifies what the author tries to tell about Mark Twain’s life as an interesting man who started in a Missouri village. This nonfiction explains the life of Mark Twain in a new and interesting way and how he moved from being Samuel Clemens to the man and author we know today as Mark Twain. The novel does not strictly give facts about Mark Twain, but explains his life as an adventure. With chapter titles like “The Man who Made Frogs Famous” and “The Gingerbread Kid” this nonfictions takes an interesting turn on the typical biography.
review 2: Have you met Mark Twain? If you haven't, or if you met some stodgy old coot, you should pick up this biography a
... morend meet the hilariously funny alter ego of Samuel Clemens! The title of Sid Fleischman's newest book comes from the original publicity posters created by Mark Twain for his first lecture: "Doors open at 7, the trouble to begin at 8." Samuel Clemens was one for adventure of all kinds, from piloting riverboats on the Mississippi, writing as a journalist, humorist and novelist, prospecting, and spending an entire two weeks as a soldier during the Civil War. One of his best friends referred to him as "the hardest-working lazy man I ever knew!" Fleischman doesn't spend a lot of time on the most famous works, like Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn; instead, he spends his time showing us the events that became the fodder for many of those stories and novels. This is a well-written, amusing biography that includes cartoons, photos, and illustrations which add to the delightfulness of the title -- and Mark Twain is someone that every student should meet. 6th grade and up. less
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... a good look at The Man at a pivotal period in his life ..... 8P :)
I'm not sure it will keep the kids' attention, but I did like it.
Very engaging biography.
very good so far
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