Happy New Year – What’s Cooking at K’s

Dear Friends and Jam-Lovers!

First let me wish you all a very very Happy New Year! 2018 will be a great one, and in my case filled with preserves and flavor and new adventures!

At K’s, after a holiday trip to Europe to my home and preserving-roots, I’ve been making the first couple of new seasonal batches and am excited to share my January Menu with you below! If you’d like something, contact me. I deliver (in Harlem for free, Manhattan $3), or I ship if you’re further out.

2017 was a jamming blast – thanks to all your wonderful patronage I’ve been able to cook, develop new recipes, refine them, learn, and hopefully spread some happiness through flavor!

We are in full Citrus Season – one of the most exciting times for the jam-maker – and I am filling the shelves with Marmalade.
They are a labor of love but so rewarding, so delicious and complex. There’s range of citrus flavors in my repertoire for you to explore – piquant, tangy, full-bodied, bold, sweet, fresh and bright…

I will be cooking more next week, see the menu for upcoming items. If you have a special request, please let me know – if the fruit is available I can make it happen