Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson | Book Review

| Scarred by a brutal attack, Kate Priddy never does anything bold. Until, in an attempt to take control of her life, she accepts an apartment swap offer from her cousin Corbin Dell, and moves from London to Boston. But soon after arriving, Kate makes a terrifying discovery: Corbin’s next door neighbour, Audrey Marshall, may have been murdered. Far from home and emotionally unstable, her imagination playing out her every fear, who can Kate trust? |

Rating: 2/5

Review: So this book just kind of left me feeling gross. The blurb on the back lets you believe the whole book is about Kate. It’s not. In fact it’s more about the disgusting men around her who are all either stalkers or murderers or liars or a combination of the three.

Kate is great though. She’s bravely swapping flats with her second cousin, who she’s never met, and plans to live in Boston for the next six months. I say bravely because not only has she never been to America but she’s had a horrific past experience with a previous boyfriend that’s left her with bad anxiety and severe panic attacks.

In fact she has a panic attack within the first couple pages. She’s in a taxi, stuck in traffic and inside a tunnel. And I have to admit this part is written very well. I felt myself start to feel more and more uncomfortable as Kate battles her rising panic.

The rest of the book is not so well written in my opinion. Or at least it’s not what I wanted it to be. The POVs start changing frequently between Kate and a few men who were either involved in the neighbour’s murder or knew her. And all these men are suspicious and creepily entitled, which is super annoying. I signed up for a thriller NOT a whodunnit mystery.

Plus the story keeps jumping back in time so we can witness for ourselves these blokes spying on girls changing, spiting in their food, looking at them through windows, or killing girls so “that he could finally give her what she deserved”. Plus the word “whore” is thrown around a lot and at one point it’s implied that girls secretly like to be watched by strangers?!

Overall this didn’t spook me at all. Not once did I get any kind of creeps or chills or unsettled feelings. It was mostly boring. Probably 100 pages too long. And in fact it left me feeling mostly angry because of how these men view women. Still through all this I kept reading because I wanted to know what the “big reveal” would be. But there’s no twist! I was SO mad! I’d read through all the arsehole behaviour only for the ending to fall flat…

So on that note does anyone have a thriller they can recommend to me that is creepy and has a satisfying ending? No pressure haha I won’t blame you if I don’t like it!


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