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Cloaked In Malice (2012)

by Annette Blair(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
0425251438 (ISBN13: 9780425251430)
Berkley Prime Crime
A Vintage Magic Mystery
review 1: I wanted to like this - I really did. But it was too cutesy and there were too many "clever" characters for me. The protagonist can "see" the past when she touches vintage clothes. Quite naturally she owns a vintage clothing shop and of course has a detective boyfriend and a ghost who lives in her shop. This book is about a young woman who shows up at her shop and turns out to be connected to the ghost. I won't bother to read any more of this series.
review 2: I enjoyed reading this, but I have found that each book becomes less. Blair is a talented writer, but seems to struggle with dialogue - it's hard to tell who's talking. Sometimes the plot is so jumbled, but then you'll have these sections of extended and rather pointless dialogue. The ideas are c
... morelever and have potential, but Blair still needs to find a better balance between plot progression and witty banter. less
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Not an author I will revisit. Did not enjoy this book on any level.
This is a fun series.
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