Historical Fiction

This is not my usual genre….at all. For some reason the last time I went shopping for books I picked up a historical fiction book. Even though I’m still reading it the story is really good. So this made me realize that I have read other historical fiction books and I actually enjoyed them…hmm

I am seriously considering reading more books in this genre…i don’t know how i’m going to manage with all the books on my tbr list already. I’m more of a fantasy person but you know…trying something different is almost always a good thing…

​So I’m still reading this but the story is amazing. Its 15th centurt England and because I’m a big fan of Reign the tv series I just thought why not and i don’t regret my decision at all. Its part of a series but i just decided to read it without reading the other books first and so far it hasn’t been a problem

​this book was actually part of my A level Literature syllabus so I wasn’t that excited about it because they normally give us boring books for literature. surprisingly the story was really good. just the first page will get you sucked into this world. The writing is amazing , i felt like i had witnessed the Biafra war after reading this. The author does not shy from any gory details and there is a lot of comedy to balance it out.

​I was really excited for this book to be released and it is the other book I am currently reading. I love Renee Ahdieh’s work so this book was a no brainer for me. So the story is set in ancient Japan and it has a Mulan vibe to it. I still can’t say much but I like what I have read so far. I’m sure I’ll be posting my review as soon as possible when I am done.

So these Are the historical fiction on my read shelf. I am completely open to the idea of adding more, as long as it’s a good one.

if you have any recommendations please do let me know, i would love to check them out

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