How To Build a Rock Solid Self Esteem

Walking along the streets down to her house, with head low and neck in sinking her shoulders. She couldn’t look up as her eyes were heavy with tears, neither could she hear anyone calling, nor hear the honk of the vehicle just behind her. she was lost in her own thoughts as if she was in a different world… “I shouldn’t have gone to see him today, i should have called before coming at least I would have saved myself from this and this should not have happened today, No! not on my birthday!”

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Seeing her man with another woman was already a hard pill to swallow but much more, she was shattered by the words he said to her, he called her useless. She is scrubbing her skin vehemently and almost peeling it off as if the insults and curses stuck on them. She wants to get out of this situation as fast as possible but suicide isn’t an option, at least she doesn’t want to die just yet.

Suddenly, she come up on her feet when she remembered a life changing seminar she once attended. The topic was “building self esteem”. Every word from the guest speaker became life and real to her , the words were powerful.
She thought to herself, now is the time to apply these words and live them. She recounted the speaker :

1. Love yourself first:

When you love your self first that is seeing yourself in the same way God has made you to be, nobody’s opinion about you will matter to you anymore. Loving yourself; the way you look, talk, walk and to the minute details of yourself helps you to stand tall against anyone bent to talk less of you.

2. Be of value:

Nothing of value is pushed aside or trodden under feet, nothing of worth is put anywhere or used anyhow, so don’t just remain at your comfort zone always expecting help from people and receiving sorry looks like you are one piece of rag, rather get a life and be valuable.
How can you be of value:

a. Discover yourself first: discovering purpose; what God has ordained you to be is vital to fulfilment of destiny but in addition, there should be something you can do with your hands apart from the conventional school has taught you, something you can give in exchange for money.

b. Be hardworking: To have gifts and talents to you can render as services in exchange for money is not as important as being hardworking. The scriptures says “seesth thou a man who is diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings and not before mere men”. A lazy worker is heading for hunger at last because he will be too lazy to gather in harvest then he will suffer in future. Take this for instance, a fashion designer who’s got all the talents and has lots of costumers dresses to make but doesn’t do them in time unless it’s at rush hour or rather disappoint. Such a designer is talented but is heading to point where people will not look at his direction anymore. So being a hard worker in addition to talent makes the sky a starting point.

c. Know how to earn money: nothing of worth is free, not everything you do for people is free. Don’t misunderstand me on this, don’t be too money conscious but people will value you more when there is a price tag on what you do for them and if you want to do it for free, let them know the price they would have gotten that for.

Very important to earning money is saving some, not every money is spent, reserve a part of it for another day. Don’t be a glutton in spending.

3. Don’t be an emotional toy:

Nobody can dictate your mood except you permit them. Build your mind against all forms of emotional crisis, be kind to everyone, value everyone that come your way, try as much as you can to be of value to such, but don’t force value on people.

when people no longer value you as their friends, and they decide to go, respect their opinion and let them be. some persons are not meant to be in every phase of your life. Be free minded and flexible to change, but make sure to end relationships on good notes no matter what type of relationship it is.

4. Make yourself happy always:

If you wait for people to make you happy, you might just wait in vain. Create an environment to make yourself happy. Your happiness is your responsibility.

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Soaked in these thoughts she picked herself up and said never again will she be ridden on, wait on the approval of others to breath.

It changed her life forever, she decided to be the master of her own destiny.

She decided to build her self esteem with these building blocks. And it was the turning point in her life.

Written by Fache Joy

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