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Highland Storms (2011)

by Christina Courtenay(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
1906931712 (ISBN13: 9781906931711)
Choc Lit
Kinross Saga
review 1: I stopped reading this book. I was really enjoying the story and I was particularly enjoying listening to the audio narrator with her Scottish brogue. However, I began to feel like the physical intereactions between the main characters were going to turn out to be more than I would want to read. I stopped reading before things really crossed the line by very far but still felt it was probably what I would need to do. I feel totally bummed. I really wanted to know how this turned out (well, not that I thought the main characters wouldn't end up together but I wanted to know the details of how that transpired and the resolution of the conflict between the land manager and Brice).
review 2: An easy read, combining historical fiction with action romance and a
... moredventure. Highland Storms is the sequel to Trade Winds and follows the story of Brice, the son of Killian and Jess Kinross. Still reeling from the betrayal at the hands of his brother and former love, Elisabet, Brice leaves Sweden to make a fresh start by taking over his father’s estate in Scotland. But when he arrives at Rosyth House, all is not what it seems. What should be a profitable estate is not doing well, with the clans people living in poverty. Brice suspects foul play. Colin Seton, the factor in charge, is resentful of Brice’s presence as he has been secretly embezzling the profits which is why the estate is in such disrepair. The locals are mistrustful and hostile as Scotland is still reeling from the Jacobite rising of 1745 and having been treated brutally to break their spirit to prevent further uprisings are suspicious of strangers. The story flows nicely as Brice sets about improving standards for all who live on the estate and make Roysth House thrive again. The attraction and potential of romance between Brice and the pretty but fiesty housekeeper Marsaili makes for fun reading. The story is a bit predictable at times but the dialogue is witty and engaging and the interplay between the hero and heroine entertaining. less
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