Humans can die, but not the birds.

my favorite thing about being alive is watching small gloobglobs grow into beautiful life-bearing creatures.but lately death has made itself very present.

sadness creeps in and then comes despair. but all i want to do with my time on this planet is honor the true warriors of this lifetime, with my eyes, thoughts and abilities

so i will, honoring the dead naturally starts inside of my heart, then into my mind and finally translated into some sort of material form.

i love you ducks, and i love you geese, and turkeys to. your presence is comforting, i sort of feel like you all in a lot of ways. but somehow you’ve got it figured out, like gods i look up to your true intelligence. while they say mine might be superior, that is so obviously not the truth. my people captured you and rewrote your meaning so that it would be more beneficiary for their blood thursty hands. i hate humans..  so please don’t die anymore friends.

He would let me stroke the long elegant neck of his.

not knowing the tragic end that would soon come, he nibbles on the remains of the parsley patch, drinks the water off of blades of grass, why the fence? laughing about it hes on his way to the start of a great day.

walking up the back side of our garden, he looks up and sees carrot seeds, but, to short of a neck wont do. so, he day dreams of a longer neck ,reaching as high as the ripest apple in the tree. “thats the neck for me” he pondered gleefully .


following the others by the sounds of their honks he finds himself there on a strange lifeless hard ground. the sun is fully shining on this spot and oh was a great place for the geese to do their morning talk.

then out of nowhere comes the scretching of a halt. lifted into the clouds he peers down at the once upon a time place, where he used to be. and as sad as it may sound, my goose friend has been set free.