Knitting Update | Problem, Pattern, Pay Off

Hello one and all. It’s been some time since my last knitting update. Quite some time actually! Let’s go chronologically as that makes things easier.

Inter woven

As you may recall my internet was out of the later portion of November and early December. So knowing that there would be no distractions what so ever- I told myself I would learn a new technique. One that I had been putting off for sometime but had admired it since my early days of learning to knit.

Like all new knitters you get a compendium of books, either as gifts of ones that you select yourself, explaining techniques. One such book, I think it was my Mum who gave me it, is The Encyclopedia of Knitting by Lesley Stanfield and Melody Griffiths published by Apple books (ISBN 978-1-84092-290-5). This book I cannot recommend highly enough! Lesley and Melody held my hand and guided me through so many things. On page 126-127 the ladies talk you through entrelac.

Entrelac is the process of picking up stitches with a clever application of increasing and decreasing stitches.With this it looks like the resulting fabric is the result of weaved opposing pieces of knitting. It’s very curious, and I set myself to learn it during our web out.

Knitting. In bed. With a cold. With Sheens. #knitting #knittersofinstagram #interlac #pusheenplushies #stormyplushie

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Above is after the first row of ‘triangle’ establishing row, and the first layer of the second one… along with some of Belov’d and mine’s Pusheen collection. It has developed rather well, and I’m hoping to gift it to someone once it’s finished.

Problem, Pattern, Pay Off

As I’m trying to drink more water, or just drink more in general, I’m trying to make it more attractive. One way I’ve found to be successful is to have loose leaf tea. This was easily done by visiting my new favourite shop Sostrene Grenes. It’s a wonderful homeware shop that I was initially unsure of but now adore. In there I bought my loose leaf tea set up:

  • One large cup
  • One espresso cup, to put the dregs
  • A tea strainer, the metal kind with a handle
  • Two bags of loose leaf tea
  • A small tea chest/tin to keep the above in

All of that came to less than €10!

More to the point I had, unfortunately, chosen style of over substance. The cup was handleless. The boiler in the office was a few metres away. I suppose you can see the issue. I had initially whipped up a cuff to go round the cup and save my hands. As the cup is a smooth ceramic that wasn’t all that useful. So I thought it could work the other way. I’m developing this into a knitting guide (rather than a pattern) as I found a general lack of patterns/guide etc. on this.

This is the prototype…

We're getting there!

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It’s just a prototype but it’ll work for the moment. I’ll be doing V2 shortly and hopefully be able to present it on here as a knitting guide/pattern!

Of course I couldn’t just have one trip there, especially after they released a knitting bowl for less than €4…

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Keeping It Organised

Ask any knitter and they’ll tell you that they have so many projects on the go they can’t remember them. Or worse, you kind of forget what you’ve been doing. I’ve decided that I can’t let this continue. I’ve bought in my favourite tool ever to help me out- Trello [add link to the blog]. I’ve made it public so you can see my development on my New Year’s target[add link to the blog], but also everything else I’ve been working on to. See it here.

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