More Women in Congress? Most Americans Believe that it’s a Good Idea

I, like most Americans were very disappointed on November 9, 2016. It wasn’t just the fact that Hillary lost the Electoral College to an immoral and completely unqualified moron, I was hoping that a woman would be leading our nation into the future. Most of the 43 men who led our nation previously, (Grover Cleveland was elected twice in non-consecutive terms), failed the majority of the American people. It was past time for a woman to be sitting behind the Oval Office. Women place issues which affect families and the families of others ahead of petty bickering and penis size. (This is Donald Trump accurately defined.)

Men, like Trump, have made rash and faulty decisions for far too long. Women discuss actions carefully with wise countenance from qualified advisers before taking action.

With dozens of revelations of sexual harassment dominating the news broadcasts, a survey showed that “the way an elected official treats women is an important indicator of his character and ability to serve in office.” Once again, Trump is unfit for the office. It also revealed that 60 percent of voters believe that sexual harassment requires a resignation from the perpetrator. 64 percent of voters believe that more women should hold public office in Washington. In 1999, when voters were asked if women would serve better as elected officials, 54 percent responded ‘yes.’

Today’s world leaders include many women. In the free world, Angela Merkel is considered one of the strongest and most intelligent in all of Europe. I know Trump, Roy Moore, Bannon, Gorka, and others would say that Vladimir Putin is the strongest leader in the world. But the truth is that he is a dictator; Russian elections are a farce. He is also a white supremacist, a homophobe, and a misogynist.

The entire Republican Party, including the very few women who are in the House and Senate, are cowards and hypocrites. I become hopeful when I hear Democrats Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Claire McCaskill boldly speak about the issues. These are the new American heroes.

As I’ve written several times previously, my presidential and vice-presidential candidates for 2020 are Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris.

To this day I firmly believe that if Hillary had chosen Elizabeth Warren as her running mate she would have won by more than three million votes, and easily captured the Electoral College. The simple truth is that voter turnout would have been much higher, and that alone would have prevented America’s biggest mistake.

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Op-ed by James Turnage


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