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This Is Not My Hat (2011)

by Jon Klassen(Favorite Author)
4.16 of 5 Votes: 3
0763655996 (ISBN13: 9780763655990)
review 1: This is the story of a fish who steals a hat from a much bigger fish that was asleep. The fish who stole the hat is not worried about getting caught because the fish was asleep, won't notice its gone, who took it, or where he went. Just to be safe, the fish hides in some tall plants. The theme of this book is honesty. A great way to use this book in the classroom would be to have the students role play and get their different points of view. Ask for the students' points of view from the small fish, the big fish, and the crab who was a witness of the whole thing.
review 2: A little fish has stolen a hat from a big fish. The little fish thinks that he will definitely get away with it since he stole it from the big fish when he was sleeping. The little fish justif
... moreies his actions by saying that the hat fits him better than it does the big fish. Will the little fish get away with stealing? The theme of this book is honesty and wrongdoing. This would be a great book to teach children that there are consequences to their actions. A teaching activity to do with children would be to have them write out a list of reasons why stealing is wrong. less
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super cute book I like it a lot
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