Oregon Planning

4 days. 3 nights. 2 National Parks. 1,427 miles.

For my winter quarter of classes I am only taking classes Monday through Thursday, leaving Three day weekends for adventures. Fortunately, there are a few Monday holidays during this quarter which allow for even longer and more insane adventures, such as the one I’m about to go on this Friday. From January 12th to 15th, me and Bryan will be navigating Oregon through sun, rain, and snow.

On January 3rd around 1pm I remembered that Monday the 15th was a holiday and I would have a long weekend. I texted Bryan to see if (even though I was giving him extremely late notice) he would be able to get the days off from work. From that moment a plan was hatched and by January 4th all Air BNB’s had been booked and the route had been set. Determination for adventures makes anything possible.

January 12th will commence with hitting the road pre-sunrise to be able to enjoy time at Crater Lake National Park before staying near Bend. January 13th will be hectic driving from Bend to Trillium Lake, to the Painted Hills National Park, to White river falls State Park, before settling near the Dalles. January 14th will be spent exploring snow covered trails to icy waterfalls along the gorge and stuffing our faces with all the amazing food Portland has to offer. And ever so sadly, January 15th will be the 8 hour drive back to Davis.  (with maybe a pit stop or two for waterfalls)

I’ve always loved adventuring through Oregon but I have only previously visited in March, May, and August; winter in Oregon might throw us in for a shock. But where there is a will (and chains and a sled),  there shall be a way!

Silver Falls SP, May 2017 Crater Lake, May 2017 Crater Lake, May 2017 Map of Planned Route Silver Falls SP, May 2017 Silver Falls SP, May 2017 Share this:
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