My First Post

Bula and welcome to my blog. As a person that has always been fascinated by the beauty of nature and its wildlife, I had always wanted to travel the world to visit all the beautiful places that I have seen in the documentaries and movies. Especially Australia, mate. The wildlife and plants in that country is so diverse and there are so many different types of landscapes on one island that its hard to believe that you’re still in Australia, mate.

Anyway… I, myself, a Fijian wanting to travel abroad made me think of how I was taking the beauty and wildlife of my island country Fiji, for granted. I mean, Australians, New Zealanders and people from around the Pacific and abroad are coming to my country to come and witness the beautiful picturesque beaches and islands and its wildlife and to bask in her sun. And there’s me not knowing a lot about my own country and culture wanting to visit theirs.

This opened up my mind. So I thought you know what, how about I be a tourist in my own country (local tourist). Visit hot-spots for tourists, experience my own culture, learn my country’s history, explore the islands, go hiking and all sorts of other fun activities. And to see what makes my little island country so special and why it is recognized as one of the worlds top tourist destinations. And than it hit me why not create a blog and share my experience with you, the people. Sharing the Fijian experience and giving you a little taste of the Pacific, a little taste of Fiji, a little taste of Paradise.


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