Podcast + playlist: Hello GoodBye – 07.10.17 – ft. AK/DK, Lianne Hall, Gerry Mitchell + Patrick Wray

Today’s Hello GoodBye Show on Resonance FM featured live music from: AK/DK, Lianne Hall and Patrick Wray, plus spoken word with Gerry Mitchell.


AK/DK – Maxwell’s Waves (LIVE SESSION)


AK/DK – Morphology (LIVE SESSION)

AK/DK – ‘interview’

Lianne Hall – The Crow’s Nest (LIVE SESSION)

Lianne Hall – The Ocean Is Broken (LIVE SESSION)

Lianne Hall – No Medicine (LIVE SESSION)

Lianne Hall – ‘interview’

Flame Proof Moth – Vox Arms

LOFE – You Could So Easily

Archipelago – Tiff

Momus – Scuttle

Gerry Mitchell – The Speaking Clock’s Gone Wrong (LIVE POETRY READING)

Patrick Wray – Hairstyle (LIVE SESSION)

Patrick Wray – Ouija Board (LIVE SESSION)

Patrick Wray – Funeral (LIVE SESSION)

Patrick Wray – Rusty Old BMX Bike (LIVE SESSION)

Patrick Wray – ‘interview’

Tom Paley – Shove The Pigs Foot A Little Farther In The Fire (Hello GoodBye live session archive recording – 26.01.13)

Presented by: deXter Bentley

Live sound engineer: Erik Lintunen

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