Protecting the Girl Next Door (The Protectors #3) by Samantha Chase & Noelle Adams

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Sweet and romantic as the previous book of the series

The series follow a group of friends an ex military guys in the lives back at home and in the unexpected events of finding the true love!

Book 3 is about Declan and Kristin story. Declan goes as undercover as a Substitute Teacher in the first class of school in order to protect the child of one of his clients and he met Kristin which happens to be a real teacher at the school and with a child in the same class of Declan as a teacher.

I enjoy the story from the middle till the end and i like how things between our main couple created. It is always fun to add kids in the story that added a more hilarious and playful tone to it!

I also have to point out after i finished the book that the more we get involved to our guys stories the more the female characters change as well to the more mature and strong female. Also we see more and more the guilt each guy has for the death of their friend Gavin and how this accident infected and influence their life.

Looking forward for the last book of the series!


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