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The Miracle Life Of Edgar Mint (2012)

by Brady Udall(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
039334164X (ISBN13: 9780393341645)
W. W. Norton & Company
review 1: This is one of those books where I go "how did I miss this 10 years ago?!" Why didn't I see the fabulous reviews?".The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint is quirky, gritty, touching and speaks of realism in the most bizarre way I can imagine in my white bread world. I felt like this was not one tale but several held together by one string. It is not the kind of book I could not put down but rather the kind I had to put down in order to think, roll things around in my head. There is no single climax, anti-climax but one tentative emotional thread pulled tight and quivering. I have to order Brady Uall's other book, Letting Loose the Hounds, to see if his talent is obvious in that novel as well.
review 2: Great entertaining story telling. Some good comedy moments. It wa
... mores nice that the miracle life had him doing things that were not likely, like behaving in the morman house after he'd been treated so badly in the school, and then the end where he meets Rosa who wanted to adopt him and living a nice uncriminal life, getting a writing job and then meeting and hooking up with Mitzi. It seems most boys who had the first 12 years of Edgars would be an addict or in jail.I don't understand why Edgar would kill Barry, and why he wouldn't attach to Clay. They both really loved him. Well ok, maybe Clay more wanted to love his dead 2 year old son, and maybe Barry was a druggie that was ruining Clay's marriage and family. But I don't think somebody as good (caring for Rosa etc) would kill Barry just for his affair with her. Also he kept in contact with Sunny after disappearing. But not the rest of the Madsens? Maybe being so lacking in close relationships, I'm extra sensitive to him trashing the people that really loved him. I'm glad he kept his relationship w Art. less
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I found this book incredibly sad... not "fall-down funny" at all.
One of my all time favorite books.
Very moving - highly recommend.
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