RELEASE DAY REVIEW – Lit Fuse by Caisey Quinn

Title: Lit Fuse
Author: Caisey Quinn
Series: Nashville’s Finest #0.5
Release Date: January 31, 2017

When Chase Fisk enrolled in the United States Army, it was mostly to escape a dead- end job working with his  alcoholic father. The military provided him with a sense of  belonging, and his brothers in arms became the family he never thought he’d have. He’s ready to embrace his promotion to Commanding Officer over a group of new explosive tech recruits—but he isn’t ready for her.

Vivian Brooks grew up in a military family and is unlike any woman Chase has ever met. The recently enlisted recruit is beautiful, tenacious, and as steady with her hands as any EOD technician he’s ever seen. She tempts him in every way possible, challenging him at all turns and taunting him with a body that haunts his waking moments and most of his sleeping ones. But as their forbidden romance could threaten their careers if it’s discovered, Vivian’s buried secrets threaten to destroy them both.

Caisey Quinn has me totally hooked on Chase and Vivien! From the first page to the last, Lit Fuse is a sweet, sexy, action-packed ride that teases at an even greater adventure ahead. This novella packed a powerful punch, introducing readers to Chase, Vivien and a handful of other fantastic characters who will comprise the Nashville’s Finest Series. Each one had a unique, lovable and totally intriguing personality that left me wanting so much more. Although I’m not generally a fan of third person narration, Caisey Quinn effortlessly captures the hearts of our two main characters and delivers this story in a way that perfectly reflected their individual voices. She served up all of the emotion and personal connection to Chase and Vivien I could have hoped for and then some, easily ensuring my total investment in their happily ever after.

“He was like the ocean, Vivien decided. So much constantly happening beneath the surface even when everything appeared calm. Coming and going, pushing and pulling. Waging internal wars with himself, with his emotions.”

From the moment they met, Chase and Vivien were utterly electric. They had an undeniable attraction that hinted at the possibility of something deeper and decidedly epic evolving between them. Caisey Quinn did a phenomenal job at planting the seed of their inevitably significant connection and letting it grow just enough to grab hold of the readers and ensure they’d be back for the full-length novel. I loved how carefully bits and pieces of both Chase and Vivien’s pasts were revealed over the course of the story, allowing readers to appreciate the depth of both characters while also leaving room for further exploration. While I knew enough to become wholly enthralled by these memorable characters, there was obviously more to discover that will keep me coming back. I can’t wait to see where Caisey Quinn plans on taking these characters and how they’ll continue to grow, both as individuals and together, as their journey progresses.

He wanted her, he’d proved that with his behavior when she’d shut him out. But the closer she came the more he seemed to pull away. He wanted her at a safe distance, she decided. Not too close but not out of reach.”

There honestly wasn’t anything I didn’t enjoy about Lit Fuse. From the fun, sassy way that this story began to the explosive and puzzling ending, I was absolutely riveted. This novella is a true testament to Caisey Quinn’s incredible talent. Not only has she crafted a unique storyline and filled it with one-of-a-kind characters, but she has also managed to perfectly balance the heat, humor and heart of this story and compact it without losing any of its spark. I adored every sassy comeback, intelligent thought and sizzling moment of tension that colored the pages of Lit Fuse and I can only imagine how addictive Chase and Vivien’s full-length book will be. This story was paced to devour and I did just that. Overflowing with flirtatious banter, sexy interludes and emotionally raw moments, Lit Fuse is the total romance package topped off with heart pounding suspense and gut-wrenching surprises that will leave you reaching for the rest of the Nashville’s Finest series.

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