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Ice Shock (2009)

by M.G. Harris(Favorite Author)
4.07 of 5 Votes: 2
1407104039 (ISBN13: 9781407104034)
The Joshua Files
review 1: The many unexpected twists of the plot and strange adventures keep my interest so far. That, & I find Joshua a sympathetic character to follow through a series as long as this.I'm not yet willing to rate it past three stars as I don't see the depth that I do in several other MG & YA fantasies I've read, but there's a chance that depth will come. I do recommend this to anyone who wants and interesting & exciting read.
review 2: I've read the first book before and decided to read the second book. I thought that it would not be as good as the first but it was actually pretty good. In this one it continues with the mysterious death of his father and Joshua the main character recieves mysterious postcards from Mexico but it turns out that he's being betrayed by some
... moreone close to him everything from there takes him back to Mexico. This book takes a big turn of events later on in the book that I didn't see coming. He has to ignore his mom and go to the post- Mayan city of Ek Naab to discover what happened to his father which I think is bad because i doubt he would want to disobey his mother but if your dad disappeared wouldnt you do anything you could to find him. In his journey it leads him to some discoveries about the 2012 conspiracy. To get alot of what is going on I reccomend you read the first book called "Invisible City". But back in the story since his dad mysteriously disappeared he has been writing some very deep and dark stories about his life and his dreams that hes been having since his dad dissappeared. I understand that he would have dreams about his dad especially since he has been away for so long but some of the things that he puts seem a little too deep for someone his age even though he has to go through alot more than a child should go through in a book. He also has a hard time trying to figure out who he can trust because he gets betrayed by someone he knows. But overall this is a very good book and I recommend this book for everyone. less
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great book a big surprise about halfway through and just get better hope the others are as good.
Lanjutan petualangan Josh di gua terdalam Ek Naab. Wajib dibaca!
josh finally finds out what happened to his dad
I can't wait to read the next book!
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