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Axl Hammerquist is a professional hockey player used to the parties and the women like there’s no tomorrow. Bu the truth is, if he wants to follow his dreams he will have to quit that life and obey to his new sexy and funny PR agent, Annika Lund.

“I had to fight a smile. I sort of hated that she amused the hell out of me.”

Annika Lund is a PR agent and is intended to get to the top of her family’s company but her future isn’t looking so bright when her new client doesn’t care about her hard work. Better yet, her plans for her future go straight out of the window when Axl’s agent proposes they pretend to be in a serious relationship in order to save Axl’s image!

 “Hockey players are the worst when it comes to screwing around”

God, this was funny! I had such a lovely time reading this book! Annika is so funny and smart; I laughed so many times with their conversations half serious half joking. Lorelei’s writing style is just incredible! The way she explained some things about hockey without making it boring is awesome, I actually learned something about sports with this book.

“For the first time… ever I wasn’t in any hurry. I wanted to savor her reaction to my every touch. To my every kiss. For the first time… ever I wanted to focus on giving pleasure rather that receiving it.”

It just saddens me that we couldn’t see them together outside of the bedroom more. I get that they’re in a secret relationship but still, a little more of coupley moments wouldn’t have hurt. I also couldn’t feel the intensity of their love! They’re utterly sweet with each other but I didn’t find the kind of passion the swallows you up.

Altogether it really is a incredible book that I think it lacks depth.

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