Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

Angelfall by Susan Ee

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – Near Perfect, easily one of my all-time favorites

“Angelfall” by Susan Ee is an odd mix-up of a dystopian science fiction coupled with paranormal angels. It totally works, though.

Penryn is a survivor—she has to be in order to protect her schizophrenic mother and younger sister. When she accidentally saves an angel it causes her sister to be kidnapped. With no other choice, she captures the angel, hoping he can help get her sister back.

The summary above sucks. There’s no really nice way to put it.

This book shouldn’t work. If you had come to me some time ago and said that you wanted to write a dystopian with evil angels on earth—I would probably have laughed and told you that would be a tough one.

The very first time I saw the synopsis, I thought it was going to be religious. I don’t mind reading about religion, but it’s so easily misrepresented that I prefer to stay clear.

But this book do work. It’s funny, well-written and super intriguing. It’s a mashup that has melted two genres together. Like a little new Sci-fi/paranormal baby.

Thoughts while reading:

➤ I love how Penryn’s mother is portrayed. Not often Schizophrenia is portrayed well.

➤ Yuck… they eat cat food. I understand why but… *stares at my own cat’s food bowl*

➤ Love the family portrayal. Even though they don’t always get along, you can definitely feel the love.

➤ Rafe ❤

This next part is what I like to call “The Spoilery Bit”. It’s where I delve deeper into my thoughts on the book. Only continue if you don’t mind spoilers.

✧ I loved the survival rundown in the beginning of the book. As an introduction to the setting, I appreciated this far more than just being told “The world is ending”.

✧ The book is action driven, and I like that it’s not just “teenage girl falls for hunky archangel”. It made sense to me that the romance evolved, but also stalled, since there’s obviously more important things than smooches. As if… Smooches is always most important!

✧ The witty banter, sarcasm, and humor in the face of doom, death and chaos was nice.

Recommended for:

YA lovers who don’t mind action driven stories. It’s not always a pleasant and fluffy read, but it is good and different. Despite the angel part the book doesn’t seem preachy or focus on the religious aspect of it. I appreciated that.

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