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So Many Boys (2010)

by Suzanne Young(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 2
1595142673 (ISBN13: 9781595142672)
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review 1: Great read - more complicated, than the first book with bigger problems, betrayals, events. Poor Tess - her luck with guys and friends is dismal!!! I loved Leona and Joel in this book - they were perfect, I was furious with Aiden (especially after all his accusations to Tessa in the first book, but what she did with Christian was oh-so-innocent in comparison with his behaviour - Tessa continued to fend off other guys because of him, and he......was a jerk). The end is promising and I WANT the third book!!!!!!!! Great series - a must-read!!!!!
review 2: If it's possible, I like this installment in the series even more than book one. There's more spying, more twists, and, perhaps most importantly, more boys.Though not full of crazy intense action that I tend to p
... morerefer, I was completely entertained by Tessa and the squad's antics throughout the entire book. Tessa still manages to get into the craziest, most awkward situations even though she's not on the squad, but I liked seeing her in a normal environment too. Since she's out of her "must always be positive" leadership roles, she's not as overpowering as she was in book one, which was an insanely nice change. (Loved her in book one, but she was a little too strawberry smoothie for my liking then.) Even though I did sometimes want to slap her to get her to stop making such stupid mistakes, I loved her growth by the end.So Many Boys is full of so many twists. Every few chapters there is a chapter from the fake SOS's point of view, which is definitely one of the highlights of the book. I loved that they kept my guessing as to who the fake SOS is; they were also exciting to read because of how spy-y they are (great vocabulary, I know). The little subplot those chapters included was super fun to read too, even though Tessa and the squad's investigating was more interesting.And one last thing: So Many Boys completed changed my view on some characters. Some I hate more than I did when I started reading, and some I like even more. But even through my shock and hate, I could see why the betraying characters did what they did. I can't wait to see how book three handles some new revelations and changes, because some of the revealed scandals turned everything around.So Many Boys escaped the Second-Book-in-a-Series Curse: it's just as exciting and awesome as book one. less
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:'C stupido y sexy Aiden! :'C
Estupido Aiden! :/
Tessa x Joel :""">
it was okay
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