Review: Time of Blood

Title: Time of Blood
Author: Robin Jarvis
Series: The Witching Legacy #3
Genre: Children’s/MG Dark Fantasy
Age Range: 11+
Available: Now

When Lil Wakes up in a Whitby she has only ever imagined, she discovers that the sinister Mister Dark is more powerful than ever and has enslaved Young Verne to his will.

Lil is determined to save her best friend before their enemy unleashes his most despicable and insane plan yet – but first, she has to find him …

Source: ARC from Egmont Publishing via NetGalley

If you haven’t read the last book, it is impossible to talk about this one without spoilers – so pleased be warned. Read The Power of Dark and The Devil’s Paintbox first, then come back for this one. Because after all the dark doings in the last book and that sharp ending, Lil’s adventures have only just begun.

Waking up in Whitby after travelling through time is one thing, but waking up in a Whitby Lil can barely even imagine, more than a century in the past is something that takes some getting used to. There’s not a lot of magic from our heroine this time, as she struggles to adjust to her new present, while searching for Verne and the despicable Mister Dark. Actually, I’d have like a bit more action from Lil, because for most of the book she doesn’t really do much except wait for something to happen. When it does, she is great and really takes charge, but despite claiming to search for Verne, she doesn’t do much actual searching.

Meanwhile, up at Bagdale Hall, new horrors are unfolding in familiar ways. There’s a lot of blood and horror in this new book, while the Gothic settings on high. There are foul creatures at work in the dark, famous names cropping up where you least expect them and new dangers for both Verne and Lil to try and overcome.

Because Mister Dark’s plan this time around is even bigger and badder than before and that ending might leave you breathless – and not just because of how abrupt it once again is.

If you’ve been enjoying the series so far, this one will definitely keep you entertained, while drawing you deeper into this dark and murky world. I can’t imagine where this series is heading next, but after that ending I can’t wait to find out.

Time of Blood is Out Now.
Visit Robin Jarvis for more details.

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