Review: Valhalla (Stargate SG-1 #14) by Tim Waggoner

I enjoyed this book more than I otherwise might have, reading it so soon on the heels of watching Thor: Ragnarok in theaters. Any Stargate reading for me is a visit to a world I love, and this was a solid, though not necessarily memorable, entry into the media tie-in offerings for this world.

One of my biggest criteria for media tie-in stories is whether the story would have worked in the constraints of visual storytelling, and unfortunately, I could have easily seen this, special effects totally doable, on screen as a two-part episode. The planet Langara and its all-powerful naquadia resources and rogue Asgard scientists are also already done to death in the realm of Stargate stories. 

While I don’t understand the hate many people have for Jonas Quinn, he’s not my favorite character and always comes across as a little too perfect. He and Sam Carter are the point of view characters for this novel, and both of them are brilliant scientists who can do no wrong. Heroes who are just a tiny bit flawed are much more interesting, and one of the enduring traits of Stargate is that the heroes do have flaws, which seem to be missing here.

Some odd plot holes aside, the writing was well-crafted and this novel had very few of the copy-editing errors that tend to litter the Stargate novels. It was a quick (almost too quick), enjoyable visit with characters I love, even if it wasn’t an amazing adventure to accompany them on.

Rating: 3 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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