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Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator Of Batman (2012)

by Marc Tyler Nobleman(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 5
1580892892 (ISBN13: 9781580892896)
review 1: Fans of Batman and anyone who fights injustice will enjoy this biography about Bill Finger, the co-creator of Batman. Finger co-created Batman but received no credit for it. This story details how Bill created Batman, some of the characters in the comics, and other details about the Batman comics. The book also shows how passionate Bill was about writing yet was easygoing by nature. A detailed summary of the author's research appears at the end of the book which gives more information about Bill Finger, his family, and how the author found the last living relative of Finger.
review 2: So Bill Finger is the co creator of Batman. This picture book talks about his contributions to Batman and other people's attempts to get him recognized as co creator since he
... more himself was not very focused on it. I found the whole thing very interesting and hope that someone does an adult book on him soon. The authors notes about tracking down both and heir and photos of Bill were also very interesting. less
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I thought this was a good book a neat story about how batman was created.
great book about the completely unsung co creator of Batman Bill Finger.
This book is fascinating. Well-researched and engaging to read.
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