Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse

Dir: Justin Cartwright, 1978


The trend of British sex comedies, was showing no sign of coming to a halt. In fact, by the late seventies, it was in full swing with a plethora of career based films being released.

Riding on the success of the Confession films, distributors routinely rolled out tired and dated movies, with a focus on naked women.

Seldom were they any good, and certainly questionable by today’s climate, these films were big on boobs but very short on laughs.

Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse is, arguably, one of the worst ones. With the distinct lack of laughter and zero effort put into it, the film is a painful eighty plus minutes of sheer boredom.

Featuring many British stars of the time, one can only wonder whether they were desperately in need of money or was willing to sacrifice their artistic integrity, all in the vain hope of keeping their rapidly dwindling celebrity in the public eye. Whatever the reason, the film is surely an embarrassing black smudge on the CV of all involved.

Featuring sisters Debbie Ash and a pre-Quadrophenia famous Leslie, it’s clear which of the siblings had any real potential in the acting world. Lead star Debbie, is wooden and stilted, lacking any charisma and appeal.

All this should be irrelevant, but the terrible deficit of humour and a sore absence of laughs, make Rosie Dixon – Night Nurse a woeful and irredeemable effort that cannot be saved, even by the amiable personalities of the cast.

Awful, horrid and depressing.

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