Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan

Rating: ★★★★★

Genre: Children’s literature

Medium: Hardcover

Synopsis: Two brothers learn the rules of summer the hard way…

Review: What a fantastical book!  I’m always a fan of dubitative modality (pulling in my Nikolajeva and Scott references here, yo), especially when the narrative is totally plausible and yet the images are not as plausible.  The rules of summer are accompanied with illustrations depicting how these brothers learned the rules–sometimes by being watched by hawks, sometimes by getting lost in dark junk fields.  You’ll never know how they learn these rules, and that’s what keeps you guessing.

In any case, Tan’s incredible pastel artwork is something to behold–the contrasts, the page turns, it’s all SO GOOD.  This is perfect for an end of summer pre-school book, especially for those who like things a little bit strange.

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