So It’s 2018 Then Is It?

Happy New Year then and all that.  How are you all?

Well I have had an epiphany of some sort and come to the conclusion that sitting around waiting for things to get better just ain’t going to cut it.

Four weeks back I stopped taking my medication, (gone completely cold turkey over the turkey season.)

Not my best decision ever – was it? And I still feel bl**dy awful.

But I have been trying to stop thinking about my lost Ayda and start channelling my energies elsewhere.

Been working on my Facebook Page and have started a Facebook Group that I hope will become my go to place.  It can be yours as well if you want.

This is the description –

This group is linked to my blog page for the sharing of my free knitting patterns and those under creation.

BUT – After a few days it will become a closed group so that those of us here have a secure place to talk about anything that bothers us.

My reasoning for this is – I have recently survived the most horrendous breakdown and have had nobody to talk to about it.

I live outside of the UK and because of the language barrier there was not medical advice I could seek.

I will tell more when we are established.

But in the meanwhile let me just say this.

However normal someone may seem on the outside, there is always a possibility that they are holding something inside that they cannot talk about.

With this in mind – think before you speak.

So if you knit dolls or toys or anything else really and sometimes live with a black dog or suffer anxiety, why not come on over.  Putting the kettle on now.

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