Songs of the Week 97: January 22 – January 28

#5. Lady Antebellum – You Look Good

I’m just going to leave this here and pretend it never happened… (seriously help me. I can’t stop playing this song.)

#4. Goldfrapp – Anymore

Loving the slow, pulsing release from Goldfrapp… her first in what seems like quite a while and the headline track for her new album out in March.

#3. It’s Different x Rae Feat. Sahirah – One Night //

I don’t often like spoken-word tracks, but this one.. with the contrast between the chorus and the verses, both carried by some minimalistic beats… just seems to work.

#2. Diamond Eyes – Hold On

Starts out all bedroom jams like, and then does a 180 into dance club. Kinda wish it stayed bedroom jammy the entire time, as I’m not too into the juxtaposition in for this one.

#1. Best Youth – Renaissance

Lovely little track from Best Youth… ushering in their upcoming album out later this year. Incredibly catchy, varied and groovy as hell. Reminds me a lot of early Metric actually.

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