speak of the devil

“Click your heels three times, you won’t wake up in Kansas. I’m not going anywhere.”

Speak of the Devil is a retelling of Daredevil, the Marvel/Netflix series, set in the Coven universe.

SotD is a script fic with a for want of the nail premise and race-lifting. As usual, the nails are spoilers, so you’ll have to read on to figure it out. Includes dialogue taken directly from the show throughout.

Season 1

warnings: general — blood, injury (major and minor), violence, gore/body horror, death/corpses. specific — physical and emotional abuse (episode 8)

  • Into the Ring
  • Cut Man
  • Rabbit in a Snowstorm
  • In the Blood
  • Head of the Snake
  • Bad Circumstance
  • The Body Dies
  • Shadows in the Glass
  • Condemned
  • Móguǐ
  • Nelson v. Murdock
  • The Path of the Righteous
  • Speak of the Devil
  • … and He Shall Appear
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