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El Rey Pájaro Y Otros Esbozos (2010)

by Shaun Tan(Favorite Author)
4.32 of 5 Votes: 5
8415208022 (ISBN13: 9788415208020)
Barbara Fiore Editora
review 1: Have you ever considered the creative process of a book illustrator? Shaun Tan is the award-winning illustrator and author of award-winning children’s books (in 2011 he won his first Oscar for “Best Short Animated Film). “The Bird King:: An Artist’s Notebook” offers a window into Tan’s unique sensibility and insight into how he creates his critically acclaimed books. Collected sketches are gathered from several of his books, including “Tales from Outer Suburbia,” “The Arrival,” and “Lost and Found.” There are also many new sketches, including drawings from life. The drawings, doodles, and sketches are the end products of a variety of media: pencil, ink, charcoal, chalk, and gouache. The brief text is reminiscent of bonus commentary to accompany ... morea favorite movie. Young artists are sure to be inspired by this fascinating and intimate glimpse into the mind of a successful artist.
review 2: I really like this compilation of sketches, especially since I read the books the sketches were for and could recognize some of them. I appreciate him describing a little bit of his process. We always see finished work, but never everything that went into the creation. There is a sense of freshness and spontaneity to the work. This book proves the preliminary work can be as lovely as the finished product. less
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I found the book inspiring. I am a fan of Tan's work, and to see part of his process is a privilege.
This would be great for aspiring artists - a solid addition for school libraries.
A pretty sketchbook with an amaaaaaaaaaazing opening section.
A great book for ones visual imagination.
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