Landed house in Serkam start from RM189,000

We are entering 2018, & yet some of us still looking for their first house.

While if your budget is somewhere around RM150,000 to RM250,000 & WTB landed house,targeting Malacca town as your prefered location, then its quite hard to get one unless you look up for sub-sale unit. Why not considering outskirt area such as Serkam, Merlimau. Its a under developing area, some developer & even Gov Rumah Mampu are start to kick start property development here.

Future, new direction of development is going to happen in Merlimau.

Rumors says Malacca new airport are going to relocated to Serkam. (still a lots of land undevelop & it’s located in the mid. of Malacca-Muar) – to be confirmed.

Merlimau is where Melaka Halal hub is located, & not to forget Merlimau Industrial Park. Merlimau also in the mid-way of Malacca town & Muar, Johor. Even, those who from Muar, working in Malacca town OR from Malacca, then work at Muar may prefered to own a house here in Serkam.

If you are the one who may have Serkam in your wishlist OR desperately need a landed (Freehold) house with budget around RM200,000 & dont care location, then this ONE may right for you.

Small town, no congested traffic, easy access to Malacca town, weekend can go to Muar for some delicious Mee Bandung Muar.

Just call us at +6010-2288584 or fill form below to let us contact you for further discussion.

details of house:

1- Storey terrace

Start from RM189,000

size :  Type A 22 x 70 , Type B 20 x 70 & Type C 20 x 67.5

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