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Happy New Year you guys!

Tassels are not just an embellishment that hangs off of a graduation cap or your grandmas curtains. It’s a trend that started as simple tassels to an array of styles now, as the trend continues, the tassels have been evolving into a variety of colors, shapes, and materials. This makes it so much fun to change the vibe to a simple outfit. So I am about to share some of my very own tassel jewelry with you and how I styled them, in hopes of inspiring you to style your tassel earrings for a particular vibe you may be going for.

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After lunch at Cloisters, my friends and I went to Driftwood Beach in Jekyll Island.  I wore a vibrant red maxi dress from a boutique on Collins Ave South Beach called Dolce with these versatile white tassel earrings which accents the romantic look.

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These cascading array of crystal stone earrings feel like something out of a fairytale. These dangling drop earrings are especially perfect with polished locks and evening wear like the Indian outfit I was wearing at the occasion.

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These multi shade bejeweled earrings add a splash of color and sophistication! This look is great with sandals for a comfortable wear or with heels if you want to dress up more the outfit.

If you find this blog post helpful, interesting and engaging please leave a comment and share your favorite ways of wearing tassel earrings!

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