The Cut aka Cadaver (2007)

directed by son tae-woong chungeorahm m&fc

The last couple Asian horror pictures I’d tried to watch I never finished, as the Japanese one (I do not recall the title) was just too confusing and the Korean one (The Second Coming) was too low-budget for its rather standard haunting-ghost malarkey, but I decided to try this South Korean production because the premise seemed straightforward enough given the genre conventions. That premise? Medical students have to dissect a mysteriously marked female corpse, and suffer the consequences. OR DO THEY. The Cut is mostly worth the effort, though it was not as creepy or frightening or mysterious (or confusing, or repugnant) as the best of the style. Mainly it reminded me why I have enjoyed other movies of its ilk, and that I still may. Perhaps a tad mainstream in execution overall.

why did i watch this movie?

As I mentioned, I hadn’t much felt the urge to watch any Asian horror cinema lately, but the description of this one compelled me to give it a whirl.

should you watch this movie?

That depends. If you’re in the mood for a middle-of-the-road tale of vengeance (or something) from beyond the grave (maybe), it’ll suffice. If you’re looking for something more intense, however, this probably isn’t it.

highlight and low point

The SHOCKING TWIST is hinted at throughout, and the technique via which it is revealed is fairly de rigueur, but it works well enough. The also standard ambiguous ending is questionable.

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