The Dressmaker (2015)

Accused of murder when she was a child, Tilly (Kate Winslet) returns to her small Australian hometown in order to seek revenge on those who did her wrong.

Kate Winslet is certainly a prolific actress, and I had heard about this film in passing. Visually, this film is a master. It savours not just the dusty background of a 1950s Australian town but also the jewel rich colours of the beautiful dresses. That is certainly a visual feast and the best aspect of the film. Also keeping in mind that I haven’t read the book on which this is based. Does this leave me at a disadvantage? I don’t know really.

The film isn’t quite sure if Tilly is supposed to be a femme fatale or not and at some times it is incredibly overt. All that would be needed now is a foam finger and a cardboard sign proclaiming thus.

Hugo Weaving is good as the police sergeant with a passion for fashion and it is a reminder that he is an underrated gem. Liam Hemsworth is the typical male hero and is a bit of a cliche but alas is gone before I had the chance to even remember to become attached to the relationship his character of Teddy has with Winslet’s Tilly.

The film does well to encapsulate how narrow minded and vile the residents of a small town can be and this certainly rings true no matter where you are. However the film ambles about for a while until it literally explodes. Probably one to watch if you like looking at nice dresses. Otherwise approach with caution.

MY RATING: *** / *****


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