The Playdate 6 – The End (Pages 325 – end)



The ending was so gripping. Debbs is looking everywhere for Rae and Suzy, and then she sees the reflection of yellow metal, which is the colour of Suzy’s car. When she finally stands before the car, Suzy is surprises, but refuses to come to a stop, and to her horror Debs sees her ram the car into a bench. Debs’s horrified scream is heard by Allen and Callie, who run to the spot. Callie’s heart almost stops when she sees the car has crashed into the bench, especially when she sees Rae’s body fallen on the footwell in the car. Then Suzy keeps saying that it was Debs’s fault as the woman appeared from nowhere, screaming, and made her crash.

In the hospital Callie and Tom are frantic with worry as Rae has to have surgery again. Suzy is there, banging on and on about Debs’s part in the accident, and insisting on Callie reporting her. Worried and unable to put up with Suzy any longer, Callie walks away, and in the corridor she is met by the police officer, who escorts her to the cafeteria. Another policewoman is there, and Callie tells them about Debs and what Suzy claims happened. Yet, the police officer tells her that what Debs is saying is that Suzy crashed the car on purpose. Callie insists and refers to the article she read on the Internet about Debs and Daisy Poplar. When Callie mentions this, the two officers share uncomfortable looks, and eventually one of them tells her that she can’t have read the whole article, and explains that Debs was acquitted. Then he explains that Debs was the victim of a massive Internet harassment campaign. Debs was explaining a book that was judgemental about single mothers who have had children by different fathers, and Daisy thought that this was an attack to her. So she and her boyfriends started to terrorise her, and the last straw was when Daisy’s boyfriend sneaked into Debs’s wedding reception, and got her sister to let him leave his laptop in the honeymoon suite for safekeeping. In reality, the boy set the computer to record what happened between the newlyweds in the room, and then Daisy used the images and showed them to everybody, so it was no wonder Debs lost her patience and slapped her.

Callie understands that she has judged Debs wrong, but that doesn’t mean that Debs isn’t affected by that event in her past. Yet, the officer tells her some things that don’t match with what Suzy told her. The officer tells her that Suzy reported Debs the day of the accident whereas Suzy claimed it had been a neighbour. The officers claim that whatever the case is, the problem is that it is Suzy’s word against Debs’s.

That night relieved that everything has been fine with Rae’s surgery, Callie returns home. Before letting herself into her flat, she decides to pay Suzy a visit. Wanting answers, she asks her about the inaccuracies and what the officer says. Suzy gets very nervous and becomes abusive, and then she tells her that she knows about her and Jez. Callie is shocked and tries to reason with Suzy, but the woman is stoppable. I have to say that what Callie has been doing is inexcusable, especially as I can’t see that there was much love between her and Jez. It was a question of lust and finding some warmth in this man, so her indiscretions are even worse. Suzy is a nutcase, but even so, she doesn’t deserve the betrayal of her friend.

Then Debs appears and steps into the house as she wants to talk to Callie. Suzy tries to push her out of her place, but Debs is determined to be heard. She tells Callie that she should talk to some of the people in the school and the neighbourhood. Suzy has been telling lies about Callie to all the parents. Everybody wanted to welcome Callie, but then Suzy started saying the allegedly horrible things that Callie was saying behind their back, and she also let them know that Tom was violent. So that is the reason why Callie became a pariah and nobody wanted to befriended her. Debs says that Suzy is just jealous, and she didn’t want to share her with anybody, and when she felt she could lose Callie to her job or other people, she did whatever she could to prevent it. That is also why she started this harassment campaign against Debs because she thought that Callie might befriend her. In the end, feeling caught Suzy gets desperate and using a knife she stabs herself.

In the last chapter Callie is back in hospital with Rae and Tom. Rae is awake and fine, and she knows that they won’t be back to the hospital any sooner. Then she walks to the cafeteria where Jez is. He says that Suzy is okay but she will spend some time in the mental ward, and then he explains that he met Suzy in a club in Denver, and from the first moment they got married, it was obvious that she was obsessive and wouldn’t have him out of his sight. After she had her first baby, she even got worse. Callie gets very angry because Jez never let her know that Suzy had mental problems, and thus he exposed Rae to danger. Now Jez wants Callie to help him with the boys, but Callie is too upset and angry to accept. I imagine that she wants Jez as far away from her as possible. We also know now that Suzy’s suspicions about Sasha from work is also true, so Jez is clearly a player, who only cares about himself.

I loved the book!!! When I started, I thought that it would be a predictable thriller about a nutty neighbour who tries to kidnap or hurt Callie’s little girl, but this has been such a nice surprise!!!

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