The Power of Dance

When you hear the word “dance,” what comes to mind? Nightclubs? Festivals? Competitions? Tap shoes and tutus?

Have you ever watched a music video or dance scene from a movie over and over and over until you could perform the same routine in your mirror? Did you spend the best nights of your young adult life on a nightclub dancefloor with your friends? Are you the kind of person who looks forward to dancing at festivals and weddings?

Dance is art, sport, fitness, meditation, therapy, worship, story-telling, … Dance is many things to many people and it’s something we’ve been doing throughout all of history. Life has a pulse, and where there’s rhythm, there’s dancing. It’s in our nature. Dancing connects us to each other, to the world in general, and to the divine.

You know it feels good. You know it makes you happy. You know it’s great exercise. Dancing has so many benefits, if it’s something you enjoy, you should practice self-care and make time for it in your life. Why wait? Opportunities are at your doorstep and the movement is happening.

Movement drenched in passion takes us dancers through an evolution that often speaks volumes without saying a word. What we feel when we dance is deeper than the bodily existence. The soul is poured out and it ignites a fire of life around us. Dancers share stories with expressions and movement, helping those around experience the emotions they feel. We have the power,… the power of dance.

Here are some testimonies of how dance makes us feel:

“Dance definitely completes me. Dance makes me smile and feel beautiful every day inside and outside, which means dance to me is just beyond choreography. It is all about telling the story with your expressions, elegant hand movement, rhythmic footwork, feeling the music. As a working mom, I have plenty of duties but it is important to follow and live your passion to the fullest. Dance is my passion and joining Aha! Dance has been the best thing that has happened to me. As Aha! dancer, we have the opportunity to represent India and also to rise as performers to utilize the appropriate platform to convey a message to make people think differently about social issues around us.” — Poonam Saini

“I’m a very introverted and highly sensitive person who has always preferred to hide from a world that so easily overwhelms me. I didn’t take my first dance class until I was in my 40s and I was so surprised to discover how much dance grounds me in the present moment and gives me focus. It’s a powerful moving meditation where the physical and mental aspects work together to calm my senses and my anxieties. In dancing regularly, I find it far easier to be out in the world now. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, more focused, and far less overwhelmed. I can’t possibly overstate how much dance has improved my life.” — Jennifer Szczublewski

“dance is art, and art is everything – art transcends
dance is the expression of the fleeting nature of life, and proof of the weight of NOW
ultimate expression of cohesion – music & dance, and ensemble dance
supreme form of communication – conveying information & emotion
a safe place to explore, to fail, to try, to succeed
a vehicle through which to study people, life, art, YOU” — Allison Kodeih

(photo credit: Janet Dennis Frederick)

“I’ve been dancing since I was very little, maybe age 4 or 5.  I started in tap.  At first, I loved the costumes and the glamour of it all.  As I got older I continued dancing and expanded to several other styles of dance.  I realized that learning more than one style made me a better dancer as a whole. I love dance because it has endless possibilities.  I also love my dance family that has grown over the years.  ❤  If you dance together you’ve pretty much made a friend for life, because you share a treasured experience. Dance is a priority and will always be important to me.  It takes me to my “happy place” when I am feeling down.  It is always something I look forward to each week.” — Amy Rodebaugh


“I love and respect that we are all so very different, with our personalities, our religions, our viewpoints, our ages, our body types, and our dance experience. We all can do the same steps and movements, but we look different giving the choreography our own personal touch to the dance. We are all on this dance journey together and the dancers of Aha, my dance family, lift me up and give me confidence and it let me tell people that I Am A Dancer! Don’t give up the dance.” — Debbie Patterson

“Dance has given me the confidence to be who I am as a person and a professional, becoming a channel through which I try to empower many others to accomplish the same. Dance defines me. Being able to use this form of art to express my visions, my views, my inspirations, my motivations, what is right, and what matters, makes my life meaningful.” — Shyam Suchak

“Dance is my life and more recently dancing has given me a second lease on life. It invigorates me and helps me be myself. No matter what color, religion, social status, or country you represent, dance unifies us all and helps us celebrate our diversity and individuality as one on the dance floor.” — Sharrel Pinto

“For me, dance has always been an outlet to let out my pent-up frustrations. By putting my heart and soul into each move, I am able to let go of all negativity. As a result, I feel like I’m on top of the world!” — Priya Bhatt


Bring dance into your life and see how it impacts you.

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