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The Devil's Sanctuary (2011)

by Marie Hermanson(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 2
1455523879 (ISBN13: 9781455523870)
Grand Central Publishing
review 1: The Devil's Sanctuary was a great book that kept you on your toes. Although the book was very good cover to cover the ending wasn't what I expected, you could even say I found it disappointing. Throughout the book Daniel is trying to get someone, or anyone, to believe him that he is not his psychopathic twin brother, Max. Finally a clinic psychiatrist tells Daniel he has believed him all along, and actually planned the switch between Max and Daniel. Dr. Fisher wanted to study Daniel and how his mind works because he is the identical twin to a psychopath, so Daniel must be one himself. It turns out that Dr. Fisher is a contained psychopathic killer as well, and Daniel finally is set free. This ending was disappointing to me because it seemed like it didn't fit in with the r... moreest of the book, I was expecting something more exciting and possibly more thrilling.
review 2: A good author knows how to catch your attention and draw you in with the first few paragraphs. I would not have bothered reading it based on the first few lines if it were a case of just me looking for a book to read. I did keep reading but it wasn't that enjoyable. The word choices and odd phrasing I could overlook as just differences in culture, however I just couldn't connect with the characters or get into the story. I kept shaking my head and counting how many pages were left to read. The idea for the plot sounded intriguing and had potential for a sassy thriller but it just felt illogical and full of holes. I get the feeling most of the issues with this novel are simply due to being translated without a comfort in both languages. What is thrilling and well written in one language falls flat and just sounds all wrong in another. less
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Just finished this book after 2 days couldn't put it down !! Brilliant read
A good starting book for people who are being to read crime thrillers.
Real page turner!! Very good and suspenseful.
A well constructed and entertaining mystery.
A classic psychological suspense thriller!
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