The Siege of Macindaw, by John Flanagan

Now a full – fledged Ranger, Will must rescue his friend Alyss from a rogue night and uncover vital information to ward off a Scotti invasion.

This book was just as good as all of the other books in the series. I loved it. There was way more action in this book then in the previous book. I loved it. I also love how we haven’t had school for the past 2 days. That is awesome. The characters were really well written and I enjoyed learning more about them. I always do. Please take my recommendation and read this book you won’t be disappointed. Here’s why.

The characters were super in depth and their feelings and emotions are realistic. I always love characters that actually feel something. It impresses me that someone could get into their characters head and make those emotions show. I hope that I can do that to my characters. Then my world would be saved.

My favorite character was once again Malcom, the healer. I love how he is willing to give up everything that he has ever worked for to help Will and his friends. That takes guts. I hope that everyone who reads this series gives Malcom the respect he deserves. I also love how Malcom takes care of all of the people who have been driven out of their villages, he doesn’t have to take the time to go find and care for these people. Yet he does it anyway. Malcom is a great person and we should all try to be like him.

The plot was very action packed and your heart was always racing wondering what was going to happen next. So, in short, the book was very unpredictable (I did too spell that right you stupid red line). Nothing ever happened the way you thought that it would. The characters were always making split second decisions and changing things. I loved that so much. I am not sure how much you know that I love that. 

The plot twist. Oh, that was beautiful. No one knew what was going on and neither did I until it was finished. It was very confusing, but it was written to be confusing. Then I read on and after I understood what was really going on I reread it so that I understood. I really enjoyed doing that. So all in all the plot was amazing.

The setting was very detailed. By the end of the book I knew the layout of the castle like the back of my hand. I knew what Alyss’s bed chamber looked like because we spent so much time there. I knew these things and I am pretty sure that I will always know them. Just like I will always remember Healer’s Clearing. So the setting was amazing as well. Now you know why I am shoving this book at your face and telling you to read it.

I loved this book and series and I hope that you do too. Please remember to fill out my survey. Thanks for Reading!!!! Have a Great Day!!!! -Annalee and Buttons

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