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The Lighter Side Of Life And Death (2010)

by C.K. Kelly Martin(Favorite Author)
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0375845887 (ISBN13: 9780375845888)
Random House Books for Young Readers
review 1: The Lighter Side of Life and Death is a great book about a boy's life. It touches on relationships between friends, family, and couples. The male POV is well-written and the characterization is amazing too.POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEADMason is a good guy, easy to get along with, but still having some problems with people. He is struggling with his feelings for his best friend, Kat Medina. When they end up sleeping together after a party, he is happy because he thinks she might finally return his feelings. Unfortunately for him, she decides to ignore him and she refuses to talk about that night. Mason is really confused and doesn't know why she's acting this way.Mason's relationship with Colette is well-written into the story. She is friend's with his new stepmother's sist... moreer, and he meets her at the wedding shower. He immediately feels attracted to her when he starts talking to her, so he makes an effort to meet her other times. He has had his heart broken by Kat, so he is determined to make a relationship between him and Colette work. When he first starts running into her at different places, she thinks he is stalking her, and she is reluctant to start any kind of relationship with him. She is twenty-three, and he is sixteen, so she thinks that is too much of an age difference. Six years isn't that big an age gap, but he is still in high school, and she is an adult. Eventually, she gives in and they begin a relationship. This relationship between them is very well-done.The relationship between Mason and his family members is also well-done. His dad sometimes gets mad at him for things Mason says to his stepsister, but they have a pretty good relationship. They've been on their own together for many years. His stepmother, Nina, seems like she cares about Mason and wants him to get along well with her kids. Brianna is Mason's 13-year-old stepsister, and she doesn't seem to like Mason that much. They have a few good moments, though. Burke, Mason's younger stepbrother, is a sweet kid who gets along well with his new stepbrother, Mason.If you like YA contemporary from the male POV, read this book.
review 2: stories on cougar relationships always fascinates me, i mean will the older woman fall for the younger guy? will their circle of friends approve it? how will the story end? and a lot of questions more. well, reading this book definitely entertained me in that department. this is a story of mason who just had the most wonderful time of his life....well, almost. after an amazing performance of his life (he's in a play, btw) and doing it with his best friend kat medina (love the girl, well the name and origins only....she has the same last name as mine =) and she's from the philippines like me....yeah!) only in the end to be avoided by kat as if nothing happened. lesson #1: do not and i mean DO NOT do it with a friend, a close friend at that....or rather hell your best friend for that matter "the deed" if you are under the influence of alcohol because when you wake up in the morning (or in their case after a few hours) you will DEFINITELY regret it. lesson #2: if ever you failed to follow lesson #1, well suffer the consequences because besides regretting it....when you see each other again in the morning, well it will be awkward and the friendship is tarnished. so, what would a boy like mason do? tip#1: hook up with a girl 7 years older than you. and tip #2: when you see your best friend? act like nothing happened (hey, i got an older much hotter "woman" now.what i love about this story was it was written tastefully. the hook ups between collette and mason was i not tacky but in a way cute. they were not all over each other. in a way collette was i should say gentle with mason, waiting for him to be ready actually asking him if he's ready (mind you they didnt do it right there and there). reading this i know that in the end that collette and mason will never end up together mainly because of the following reasons:1. well, there's the age difference 2. collette is in the same circle of friends as his step mom (his dad married a younger woman)3. collette is in this stage of uncertainty wherein she doesnt know what the difference from things she wants and things she actually need, and of course there's a guy. of course there is always a guy.4. mason is in euphoria with his relationship with collette and he thinks he loves her since they are having good sex. mistaking good sex for love....a no no if you want a steady relationshipwell having said this i know you have already a notion of what happens in the end....i may say it's a good ending. =) less
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